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as if the attacks were by ukrainians. that is used for an excuse against ukraine. >> russia and the united states and ukraine is calling for a fact finding mission if they are at risk of attacks. president obama is saying that the russian movements are violating international law as this consider the sanctions to end the crisis, mike is at the white house for us, what did the president have to say about the crisis today? >> now is the time to decide about russia and the actions. two paths, it can continue on the current course and over time that is costly proposition and referencing are sanctions that are in the works. or it can take the off ramp, and proposal to put monitors in crimea and monitor the concerns and the persecution we heard about that the russian government is alleging being perpetrated against the russian speakers in crimea. tony, on any other a day when the prime minister appears at the white house, iranian nuclear program and peace talks, those would be the topics being discussed, instead it was this emerging crisis in ukraine, the president sat down with prime minister in the o
scoffs and said that's like saying putin would attack the united states. he grew up in the ukraine as a soviet republic and says he and the citizens he represents here do not want to go back and live under moscow domination. >> eric shawne, thank you. the president just spoke about the crisis in ukraine. wendell is at the white house for us this afternoon. what did the president say? >> she president said russia is on the wrong side of history and its actions violated international law and the agreements it signed with that country. the secretary of state kerry is headed to kiev to offer aid to ukraine to make it more independent of russia, and he warned moscow that continued intervention in ukraine will cost the -- the costs will be high. >> if in fact they continue on the current trajectory they're on, that we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia. and we will have a negative impact on russia's economy and its status in the world. >> protest spoke on the phone with russian president vladimir putin for 90 minute officers the weekend,
that russia must respect ukraine's territorial integrity. we know that secretary of state kerry will be coming here for very much the same reason, to give support to the fledgling government. over in brussels and in europe there have been a number of groups that have said they are meeting to discuss possible consequences for what has happened. for example the eu head of security, katherine ashton said russia must withdraw, it should withdraw. there are grave concerns in europe but the west as nick schifrin indicated doesn't have the military might to do it but we are starting to hear word of possible economic strength and economic pressure on russia. they may not be able to put tanks on the ground. nobody wants a direct confrontation with russia dell l but there is a possibility of hitting where it hurts in the pocketbook. >> phil, thank you very much. the crisis in ukraine has quickly become one of the most tense and complex issues especially for president obama. new leadership there in the face of that russian military intervention. mike viqueria is at the white house. when the secretary arr
. secretary of state john kerry will travel to ukraine tonight. sunday, he told bob schieffer that russia has committed, in his words, an incredible act of aggression. >> you just don't, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext. i think russia needs to think very carefully about the choice that it's making, and there are visa bans there are asset freezes, there's isolation with respect to trade and investment. american businesses may well want to start thinking twice about whether they want to do business with a country that behaves like this. these are serious implications. >> and president obama spoke with other world leaders yesterday. major garrett is at the white house where officials say they're prepared to shut out russia. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. the economic moves that secretary of state kerry just outlined are very real and the white house is hoping that vladimir putin, the russian president, will back down at least slightly and take the off
on the tense situation in ukraine. a russian state news agency that russians fleet has warned to surrender by tomorrow or face military storm. they dispute that claim. peter barnes has the latest for us. peter: they are reporting that the russians fleet has no plans to launch an assault upon the ukraine military units. the fleet commander had set a deadline of 5:00 a.m. tuesday for ukrainian forces to surrender. we are on a briefing. it is with a state department spokesman who was asked about this and that spokesman said that she could not confirm this report, but if true it would constitute a dangerous escalation of the situation in the ukraine and crimea in the united states would hold russia directly responsible for this escalation. separately, also, the european union now says it is considering "targeted measures against russia". vice president biden called the russian prime minister this morning urging once again that russia pull back its forces in crimea. they said russia needs to support immediate employment of international monitors to the ukraine and should begin a meaningful poli
the weapons in crimea. they are the heavily pro russian state in ukraine. u.s. officials say 6,000 troops are already there taking control. today president putin watched his troops in russia practicing and as he bears down, the world is waiting to see how president obama will live up to his work. three days ago, he spoke with costs for any military intervention by russia. secretary of state john kerry is heading to the capital of kiev tonight and the u.s. just announced they won't send a delegation to the paralympics in sochi that start on friday. the critics say the u.s. response has not been fast or furious enough. senator john mccain for instance spoke to cnn last hour. >> with ukraine, it is the crown jewel. let's go back to peace. what kind of a message are we sending and slashing the military some. >> we are covering this international kroo isz from all angles the retired general. phil black is in moscow. help us clear up the confusion here. the question we want to know with forces, did russia issue an ultimatum and set this deadline on ukrainians if they don't swear allegiance or s
read putin, hands off ukraine. the united states is demanding moscow pull back their army or suffer consequences reminiscent of the cold war. secretary of state john kerry will travel to the ukraine on tuesday and says the u.s. and its allies are putting russia on notice. >> all of them are prepared to go to the hilt in order to isolate russia with respect to this invasion. they're prepared to put sanctions in place. they're prepared to isolate russia economically. >> reporter: kerry made it clear the u.s. has no plans to use military force against russia but did suggest the u.s. would boycott the upcoming g-8 summit if moscow continues down its current path. >> a footnote. tonight the u.s. and six other nations say they're suspending participation in the planning for this summer's international summit in sochi, russia. >>> hundreds of people protesting the proposed keystone xl pipeline are arrested in front of the white house today, many of them college students. they chained themselves to the white house fence chanting climate justice now. the group urged president obama to rejec
head of ukraine's navy affected to russia. the united states and other nations say they're suspending preparations for this year's g8 summit in sochi, russia. john kerry said the u.s. could impose sanctions to condemn putin's actions. >> russia will lose, the russian people will lose. you will lose all of the glow that came out of the olympics. a sochit going to have g-8. you may not even remain in the g8 if this continues. he may find himself with asset freezes on russian business, american business may pull back. there may be of further tumble money. >> moscow's main stock index tumbled 9%. we will have more on ukraine after the headlines. nearly 400 opponents of the keystone xl oil pipeline were arrested sunday in front of the white house, marking what could be the largest youth sit in on the environment in a generation. >> we are here to march to the white house and form one of the largest accessible disobedience for climate ever. hundreds of young people all came here from all over the country, 42 states, to show president obama the keystone xl is not ok and not in our national i
into the city. >> in vallejo, attentions escalating in the ukraine and what the united states is doing to try to get russia to remove the troops. >> a monster storm roars into the eastern part of the country and what millions are waking up. >> we show you who turned heads on the fashion and who got double takes with [dad] [lau [boy] mom!ughs] [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo. >>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:43 on the back to work monday morning with the bay and the bay bridge. no problems reported but the rain is not over. mike will tell us where it is and where it is going. >> secretary of state john kerry plans to head to ukraine tomorrow to offer support for a government now threatened by russia. the united states believes russia has complete control of the peninsula of crimea percent and the currency value is on a low against the dollar and euro. the internet monitoring agency has blocked a dozen pages that helped out of the russian-leaning pr
ukraine's new government. secretary of state john kerry didn't hold back on russian's move. >> it's a continuing act of aggression. it's a stunning, willful choice by president putin to invade another country. it's a 19th century act in the 21st century. >> reporter: russia's ambassador comes after ukraine's president was ousted last month in the wake of a bloody street protest after his rejection of a plan. now the administration has cancelled trade talks with russia and with several allies has backed out of meetings leading to the g-8 summit in sochi in june. all this has also drawn strong criticism from some lawmakers of president obama's drawing a line, telling putin to respect ukraine's sovereignty to which putin quickly crossed. for all of the work here, though, it seems that maybe germany now has found the offramp to russia's course saying russia has accepted its proposal to establish a fact finding mission to ukraine and start a dialogue. kate? >> we'll see what that really means in practice. michelle, thanks and welcome to cnn. great to see you. >> thank you. >> russian's
peninsula, which is part of the ukraine? secretary of state john kerry calls it an invasion and ukraine has mobilized its army now. it is our top issue this morning. president obama spoking with president putin of russia on saturday after warning there will be costs should russia intervene. i'm joined this morning by the secretary of state john kerry, and exclusively by republican senator marco rubio of florida, a key voice on the senate foreign relations committee. also, a big moment in politics. the culture wars in america as arizona's governor vetoes a controversial bill that opponents labeled as anti-gay. how do we as a country reconcile concerns over religious freedom and civil liberties? we will analyze how this could play out in this midterm election year. >>> plus no end in sight to california's an devastating drought. i will ask jerry brown about the effects. we want to begin with ukraine. the latest on the dramatic events in this crisis from nbc's bill neely in simferopol, the capital of the crimea. there's a real fear now that russia may try to annex the crimea. what's the latest
with a developing story, the crisis in ukraine. the standoff intensified today with russia. secretary of state john kerry just announced today that he plans to visit the country's capital on tuesday to show u.s. support for ukraine, and there are protests from ukraine to san francisco. hundred of people gathered outside the russian embassy in san francisco today all calling for russian president put put to back o back off had. >> reporter: standing outside the russian embassy in washington, protesters calling for russian president vladimir putin to end his invasion of ukraine. secretary of state john kerry condemning russia's move into the ciman peninsula, the site of a russian naval base but now thousands of russian troops are standing guard along city streets >> you just don't invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. >> reporter: president obama and putin spoke over the weekend, obama telling putin that an invasion was unacceptable. the acting prime minister of ukraine is calling now for international help. >> this is actually the declaration of war to my country
of people watching us are trying to understand how important is ukraine essentially to the united states. what's our interest there. >> is this worth fighting for literally? >> david, let me make it clear. the people of ukraine reply fighting for democracy, they're fighting for freedom. they're fighting to have their voices heard and not be governed by a clep tocracy, but a tyrant, by someone who puts a political opposition in jail, somebody who robs the country of its livelihood and future. and they spoke out againstçdbañ snipers from roofs who were killing them. they kept on marching, and fought for their freedom. now they have the opportunity for that are democracy, and by the way, president yanukovych's only supporters abandoned him. they voted0de against him. they impeached him so russia and president putin are aligning themselves firmly with this clep tocracy, aligning themselves with the person who was legitimate little stripped of his power by the parliament, even by his own supporters.hink mistake for russia and we hope, president obama hopes that president putin will turn in
. >> the united states and europe are putting pressure on russia to pull out of ukraine. they are hoping to use economic and diplomatic sanctions. it's not clear if it will work. rosalind jordan has more. >> the secretary of state john kerry used the sunday current affairs shows to repeat the message to vladimir putin - sending russian troops into ukraine is illegal. you don't invade another country on phoney pretext in order to assert your interests. >> the u.s. doesn't think sending in troops of its own is the right response. washington and european nations are taking aim at things that matter to moscow. for example, the g8 summit in sochi. the u.s. stopped its planning for the meetings and minutes it may not attend at all. canada, france and britain have taken the same approach. >> there could be ultimately asset freezes, visa bans. there could be, certainly, disruption of any of the normal tried route eaches, business draw back. the rooubel is going down. >> members of congress are ready to draw up sanctions. >> i think congress will have to play an important role if we believe it's importa
but only as a sovereign and independent states. the backlash against moss go through ukraine's to use comes as the kremlin continues to assert that the newly installed for the eu government in kiev was brought to power by extremists with anti semitic leanings of the international stage. meanwhile tensions continued to mount as western states to cry. russia's actions saying that the occupation of crimea threatens peace and security in europe. xian. twelve days of slate has won the award for best picture at the eighty sixth academy awards in los angeles' the film's british born director steve mcqueen collected the oscar alongside pretty separate page saying that he dedicated the film to everyone who had enjoyed slavery and the twenty one million people around the world can still enjoy its space for that gravity was also a big winner with seven awards including best director ralph wanted to own that became the first evidence he did still make it to take beyond the lady in number sixteen was too kind you want the best documentary short film tells the story of alice has some of the one to pulsin
secretary of state john kerry leaves for ukraine to meet with leaders in kiev. yesterday kerry called on putin to pull back. >> it's an incredible act of aggression. it is really a stunning willful choice by president putin to invade another country. russia is in violation of the sovereignty of ukraine. russia is in violation of its u.n. obligations. russia is in violation of its obligations under the u.s. charter. >> this morning there are reports of russian naval movements in the black sea. charlie d'agata is in the capital of kiev. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: we've just returned from the parliament. good morning, anne-marie. we just returned from ukrainian parliament where defense ministers are trying to find out if anything can be done with russia's military intervention in cry meara and further involvement along the eastern border. we learned this morning ukrainian border guards have reported a buildup of russian guards along the border. there's been a buildup of russian warships on the move also. crimean -- excuse me ukrainian forces trying to reinforce that border, they
of freedom and democracy, than a ukraine. the united states and the uk have a retreaty with ukraine going back to 1992 -- >> treaties-made to be broken. >> -- countries that don't follow the treaty are dishonorable we have the uk, and the u.s., promised we would protect the ukraine against soviet russian invasion because, ukraine gave up its ability to protect itself. we have a moral obligation to protect them. >> troops are out, i guess. what would be first on the table for you? >> you don't announce the troops are out. you don't look as frightened as he and kerry look about the idea of troops. let's not give that away. first thing he should have done is he should have sent kerry to poland and the czech republic and sign the nuclear defense treaty, which he gave away the first days in office in order to reset relation with russia, and the united states is number two. everyone knows how frightened for 30 years since ronald reagan they are of a nuclear defense shield. he should have reinstated the nuclear defense shield and would have pushed putin back 20 yards. then they should have thro
across the world. the american secretary of state will meet with ukraine's leaders in kiev on tuesday. also the british prime minister pressured trowz pul russia to p. russia's invasion is not just a threat but a declaration of war. also the head of ukraine's navy was fired for treason today after he swore allegiance to pro-russian leaders. our teams are in kiev and the regional capital of crimea, sim verm. simferopol. jennifer glasse is there. >> stability to crimea, what that means he doesn't know. he refused to give up. then more russians arrived, truckloads of them. the colonel watches and tells someone, they're here. the ukrainians move an armed vehicle to their gate. but there will be no reenforcements. no one is coming from kiev he tells me i'm alone me and my brigade, we'll do what we can and we'll see, we'll see. >> the expander in his brigade says we'll see if there's going to be war. then the troops come in on foot. some sifnlts tried to stop. but -- civilians tried to stop. the armies just feet from one another. until we have a standoff, ukrainian troops, there are russian
. russia denies it issued a surrender or else threat. ukraine for help. secretary of state kerry is heading to kiev and some are critizing the white house for not taking a harder line with vladimar putin. >> i think putin is playing chess and we playing marble the. we got our fannies handed to us on the nuclear. and that was a huge mistake. nevery time the president goes on national television and threatens putin or anyone like putin, everybody's eyes roll including mine. we have a weakened president. president obama needs to do something. >>> joining us to talk about it is ambassador john bolton and a fox news contributor. mr. ambassador, thank you for being here. the ukranian prime minister said they are on the brink of disaster and how dow assess the situation at this hour? >> i think that is close to the truth. i think putin knows he has the high cards militarily and economically and politically and he is prepared to use them. he gave us notice 7 or 8 years ated q from his requently leadership in russia, he said the brake up of the soviet union was a tragedy. and he wants to re-establis
from one location -- ukraine, russia and the united states, all speaking out about the crisis. >> to be honest, it's like time traveling at the united nations. returning to the days of the cold war when russian and american ambassadors would go in hammering tones at each other to the extent of branching props. the prop today was a letter from the ousted president of ukraine. it was held up by the russian ambassador. asked russia to intervene in ukraine to preserve these him a stability and legitimacy. they were speaking of ultranationalist forces in ukraine that were anti-russian, anti-semitic and under western influence all stop he portrayed russia's intervention really as a humanitarian act. he said they were upholding the ultimate human right, the right to life will stop the ambassador to the united nations said that had no basis in reality. she said the russians were not involved in a humanitarian mission and this was a violation of international law. lex the west is fairly furious with moscow. how much support does moscow have it the united nations from other parts of the
of state john kerry will travel to ukraine this week. as the u.s. looks to try and pressure russia to end its military incursion. i'm jamie colby in for harris faulkner tonight. the state department releasing a statement a short time ago saying the secretary will reaffirm the united states's strong support for ukrainian sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and the right of ukrainians to determine their own future. the world remains on edge, though, this hour as russia defies repeated calls from president obama, the united nations, nato, and all the other world powers that are asking for ukraine's sovereignty to be respected. but president vladimir putin vows to defend what he's calling russian interests inside ukraine and yesterday he got formal approval from his own government for military action. so tonight, there's an intense standoff unfolding as ukrainian troops are trapped. there are pro-russian forces surrounding bases in three ukrainian cities, all in the contested crimea region. armed, unidentified troops that are likely to be russian soldiers are standing just feet a
'll try to pullhat off in the ukraine. >> his foreign minister stating the stage precisely withhat with his words. i thought, frankly, his use of the expression of the glob community, talking about ukraine's membership therein the european community, as if russia itself were at the head of that particular table. it was artful language and an artful tone. and president putin hasn't said a word even as president obama and the white house, secretary kerry are making some rather, well, bell koss statements, i'm not certain this president can back it up. >> there's no military situation under which we would probably use forces. but putin doesn't want to damage that reputation and standing that he has in the world community by introducing those forces. nothing wng with having troops on the border as a demonstration of force. and reminder to those in the ukraine who are paying attention, that he in the past he has used force. over the long term, we'll see the ukraine divided into two distinct countries and two distinct region, one of them being crimea and the rest of the area down there,
threat secretary of state john kerry warned russia any military in ukraine would be a quote, grave miske. >> russia needso be very careful in the judgments that it makes going forward here. we are not looking for confrontation. but we are mang i clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here. the sovereignty of ukraine. russia said that it would do that and we think it's important thatussia keeps s word. >> kerry's counterpart in rssia fired right back. he rned the west against forcing any decisions upon the interim ukrainian government. >> translator: it's dangerous and counterproductive to force upon ukine a choice based on theprincipal you're either with or against us. ukraine has to be a part of a global european family in the full meaning of the term. >> the crimea, the scene of erce clashes today between pro and anti-russia protesters. the opposing groups were carrying rusan and ukrainian flags. two peole were killed in those demonstrations. and riots. more than 30 hospitalized. our first guest tonight says vladimir putin is close to achieving exactly what h
ukraine. russian troops surround ukrainian military facilitators in crimea. the ukrainian prime minister calls it a declaration of war. secretary of state john kerry issues a new warning to russia next on pbs "newshour weekend." >> pbs "newshour weekend" is made possible by louis b. and louise coleman. judy and josh westin. the walloch family, rosalynn p. walter. corporate finding provided by mutual of america designing customized individual retirement. that's why we're your retirement company. additional support is provided by -- and by public broadcasting and contributions from pbs viewers like you. thank you. from the tisch studios linc center in new york hari sreenivasan. >> thank you for joining us. international crisis surrounding ukraine benefitsified with many experts describing the situation as the greatest threat to east-west relations since the cold war. russian troops invade territory of crimea in the last hours today surrounded ukrainian mirlts. the prime minister of ukraine said that action brought the neighboring companies within what he described as a few inches
in ukraine. she will be traveling with secretary of state john kerry later this evening to kiev. what has been the u.s.'s reaction to russia's actions? >> we have seen at the highest levels, with over the weekend resin obama having that 90 minute phone call with president putin. today vice president item -- biden spoke to the prime , and also threatened increasing double monica, i economic isolation of russia to go forward -- diplomatic and economic isolation. we saw john kerry using big words, and the state department spokesperson today said that the u.s. would hold russia responsible for anything that goes wrong in crimea. the problem is, what can the u.s. do about it? >> what is the likely u.s. response to be, is military action likely? >> it is very unlikely. you are have not even heard, even when president obama said that russia would suffer the consequences of these actions, he never raised the threat of military force. and even though secretary kerry has said that all options are on the table, he admitted openly yesterday that nobody wants military action. even john mccain, usually
. the united states believes russia has complete control of the peninsula, a pro russian part of ukraine and the united states and allies are weighing sanctions and whether to benefit up defenses this europe. russia's stock market jumps 10 percent and the valve the currency is at a low against the dollar and the euro and the internet monitoring age says it has blocked a dozen pages linked to the ukraine protest movement that helped the country out of the -- ous testimony washington, dc, has declared a snow emergency. schools and federal offices are closed and cities along the path spent the weekend preparing. >> ice is detrimental to our electric system. we have increased crews stationed throughout the entire service area. >> according to www. www.flightaware2,000 flights have been canceled. >> residents facing clean up after they returned home when ordered were lifted with plenty of mud and debris in the neighbors and there was a major wildfire in january and much of the concern is over. >> do we have any more conditions if wet weather? it is looking like we are not out of the woods. >>
. >>> and then secretary of state john kerry heading to ukraine after more of putin's army moves in on crimea. at what point is russia's military intimidation an official declaration of war? this is "way too early." >>> hey there, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is monday, march the 3rd, 2014. welcome to "way too early." the show that would have won best new short feature if we had been nominated. we always have next year. >>> we start off with weather. winter showing no signs of slowing down. new jersey in a state of emergency right now as places like atlantic city could get more than a foot of snow today. the federal government in d.c. has closed its offices and congress is closing business for today. this winter system has skewed south sparing much of the northeast. missouri and indiana have already seen heavy snow leaving roads there a mess. as the system moves through parts of the deep south it left behind heavy ice and slick roads causing troubles there. meteorologist bill karins, fill us in. how did it change? >> from friday it was looking like i-70 from indianapolis to new york
the russian speaking people are protected under ukraine's new government. secretary of state john kerry didn't hold back on russia's move in a string of tv appearances. >> it's an incredible act of aggression. it's a stunning willful choice by president putin to invade another country. it's a 19th-century act in the 21st century. >> reporter: russia's action comes after ukraine's president was ousted last week after a reject in a deal with the european union meaning closer ties to the u.s. and away from russia. secretary kerry said ten other nations along with u.s. are prepared to sanction russia, to go to the hilt to isolate it economically. now the administration cancelled trade talks with russia and has backed out of meetings leading to the g-8 in sochi in june. so for all the work and warnings coming from the u.s. it appears that possibly germany has found that off-ramp to russia's force. in a statement saying president vladimir putin has accepted germany's proposal to form a contact group of fact finding mission and a dialogue on ukraine. that said it's being reported that chancellor an
to the budapest memorandum on security andrances, between ukraine other states, my country has gotten rid of its nuclear this into russia in view of a dutch in using metaphors. regard, it is underlying. it is undermining the regime general. was in the ukraine. rocks and wary, mentally 60,000 russian troops have been deployed in crimea by the helicopter tours, cargo airplanes in the neighboring territory from the russian federation yuri u russian heat taking the extent to block and control crucial governmental and military objects in crimea. communications, military bases, headquarters of this in crimea. all roads are blocked. this clearly indicates russia's cooperation with a possible military intervention in the ukraine. ukrainian armed forces have exercised restraint and are freed from resistance. although they are in full operational areas. this is performing the operations in the outermost part well as other divisions. they are aimed at discrediting legitimate authorities of ukraine and republican opinion by calling this into peacekeeping operations. the administer -- the minister ,f interio
. the crisis in ukraine deepen as the u.s. warns russia not to try to split the country. >> united states will stand with the international community and there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> russian troops move into crimea as the interim government accuses the kremlin of an invasion. what happens now? we'll have a live report. and the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, joins us with the latest. only on "fox news sunday". >>> then a new investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. we'll talk with house oversight committee chair darrell issa. he's calling back former irs official lois lerner who has refused to testify. a "fox news sunday" exclusive. and president obama prepares to unveil his new budget with defense cuts and no entitlement reforms. >> it makes no effort to address the drivers of our debt and deficit. >> we'll sit down with leaders of the congressional budget the committee, senator rob portman and congressman chris van hollen. plus arizona governor jan brewer vetoes a bill that would protect religious freedom over g
,000 troops there. >> this as secretary of state john kerry prepares to travel to the ukraine with all options on the table when it comes to a u.s. response. doug luzader is has more. >> we have seen a number of people. you mentioned 6,000. they have knocked that down. secretary of state john kerry will head to ukraine tonight. >> that is not the act of somebody who is strong. that's the act of somebody who is acting out of weakness and out of a certain kind of desperation. we hope russia will turn this around. they can. >> russia clah many consider ths to be russian. the u.s. influence has become very limited and economic sanctions and political pressure they have little impact. >> not even a little bit. if any of that had gotten their tanks he wouldn't have been there in the first place. heather and ainsley. >>> thank you very much. doug luzader we will keep an eye on it. >>> here we go again. as you were saying get those shovels ready. the east coast getting hit with another winter storm. snow already falling in some places right now. already this morning 2,000 flights all across the u.s. t
for your time. martha: as russia invades ukraine the secretary of state heads to ukraine. bill: also a dinner some folks will never forget. ♪ [ male announcer ] evenore impressive than the research this man has at his disposal is how he puts it to work for his clients. morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. co on in. [ male annncer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. bill: rain in california' causing mudslides and wild waves giving diners a dinner they will never forget. it looks like that scene from "wolf of wall street." the waves crashing the window of a restaurant in santa barbara. >> you have got high tides. huge surf and a lot of rain. and what that's creates is a lot of havoc and destruction along the coastline. martha: in southern california all that rain should have been good news. how much did these storms help? >> reporter: that's a good question. even though we did get some record rainfall the past couple days it has not been enough to get us out of the drought. what it did bring was the threat of mudslide. mud ended up crashing down hillside, fill
, and this is "the five." as russia tightens its grip on the crimea region of the ukraine, the united states is weighing their options to tighten their grip on the country. john kerry is headed there tonight. russia has given a deadline of 10:00 p.m. eastern for two war ships to surrender or be seized. putin made his first public appearance today to watch military maneuvers in russia, and earlier today, president obama offered this warning. >> i think the strong condemnation that it's received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. if in fact they continue on the current trajectory they're on, we're examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia. this will be a costly proposition. >> nato's counsel will hold an emergency meeting at the request of poland. it feels its security is threatened. bob, i want to go to you first. in any white house, you can be going along, you have your agenda, your state of the union and all of a sudden, something happens overseas and lands on the president's d
. the secretary of state john kerry will meet with members of ukraine's new government in the capital city of kiev tomorrow. the obama administration says it is ready to work with other countries to provide support for ukraine's broken economy. alexis christoforous cbs news. >> on a cross country trip to raise awareness about the crisis in his homeland. he's a performer for cirque du soleil and he stopped by last hour to talk with phil matier. >> you don't see the future. you don't see the forward thinking. you don't know what's going to happen next day. >> the help ukraine project has a web site to raise funds for ukranian people fighting for political reform. >>> a popular bay area park is closed to visitors this midday. they have close and area of point rays national seashore to protect seal pups. visitors are being asked to stay at least 100 yards away. >>> now is the time to apply for a permit. only 300 hikers are allowed to use the mountain's metal safety cables each day. permits are issued as part of a lottery so you can apply at any time and still have a chance to stand atop the dome. just
. huge deal to send the secretary of state 2:00 p.m.. -- to the ukraine. >> i want to come right back to jeffrey goldberg. the idea of a new u.s. foreign-policy. foreign-policy? >> of passive, reactive one. when you contrast the role compared to the collapse of the soviet union, there is no difference whatsoever. is a government really following events and trying to keep up with them, not shaving them. >> do you agree with that, of passive reactive state department? >> it is not really a state department. it is a white house. , and iu have a president am not making a value judgment, but when you have a president that is domestically oriented who seems to want to with draw from the world and mess of the world and reflecting what the american people seem to want, you sometimes get surprised by either ends and sometimes surprised by the amount of times you have to spend. they send most of the time figuring out reactions. of the timet figuring out reactions. lex i want to go to your piece published today. the president will meet with benjamin netanyahu later on in d.c. what surprised you
document 1994, heads of state summit, president clinton was there. ukraine is a partner as is russia. in that document it says that that nation, ukraine, can come to the north atlantic council of nato if their territory integrity is threatened, their security is threatened, it can come and say, we would like to bring our attention. >> would nato come to the defense of ukraine? >> i think if the u.s. would invoke that to the north atlantic council because that is part of the agreement, i think that the united actions by nato could have an effect to deter what russia may or may not do with troops. >> but they have to agree. you've got to get germany, you've got to get all of the nato allies on board. they have been hesitant to act. >> many of them are very concerned that this is a portend of the future. look, there are ethnic russians in estonia and a western outpost in europe. this can have an effect, i think, if action isn't taken not just military, political, diplomatic, economic. >> i'm going to show our viewers new video just coming in. these are russian troops. they are fully ope
of which the united states is the biggest shareholder. just this morning ukraine's economic minister said they need 15 billion, they need 15 billion over the next two years from the imf. we could be on the hook for some of that as well. charles: thank you very much. i want to get back to katy mcfarland. you have an opinion piece on let's go through them one by one. >> okay. immediately we will rethink the missile shield that president obama cancelled in poland, the czech republic. that gets the russians very nervous. and then we do the economic stuff, we say the defense budget. the same day the russians were saying when negotiating with new bases around the world and we will restore and revitalize the military base in the former soviet union. and then the third thing is start hitting them economically. putin has played a long game here. he wrote his graduate dissertation on how russia was going to be great again. it was going to use the economic weapon, build pipelines to europe and sell europe natural gas and therefore have clinical control. big oil revenues and windfall to
calling emergency meetings to discuss ukraine and secretary of state john kerry is expected in the ukrainian capitol on tuesday. phil itner, al jazeera, kiev. >> we are expecting results in world markets. dow fell 153 points. reaction was more severe in europe. the lon, paris and berlin markets had equal effects. david shuster is here with that part of the fast moving story. david. >> tony, this isn't the first time that vladimir putin has us oil and gas supplies, cutting off gaz supplies to ukraine twice in the last eight years. softened the possible bite out of russia's threat. >>> it's not hard to see why russia's first go-to weapon is oil and gas. russia provides ukraine with more than half of its natural gas needs. and russia is also the biggest gas supply europe. what makes ukraine so important is its location. the country is home of a massive network of pipelines. about half of russia's gas is exported through ukraine. any disruption would hit germany, especially hard, which depends on the gas to run its factories. five years ago after russia cut off gas supplies thro
of state john kerry will be traveling to ukraine tomorrow. as a direct counter to president obama's recent emphasis on the gap between rich and poor, a recommendation of a sweeping overhaul on head start and medicaid. page batik -- underscoring where republicans say consolidation for spending reductions are needed. >> the internet as we know it today bears no resemblance to monopoly telephone service back in the 1930's and 1940's and 1950's. what the courts have said and what the congress supports is, if i walk into a grocery store and i buy a gallon of milk and i pay $3.50 per gallon, if i pie -- if i die 10 gallon, i pay $35 for all -- if i purchased 10 gallons, i pay $35 for all 10 gallons. what they are trying to say is you can use as much milk as you want and only paid $3.50. that is just wrong. sometimes when people use netflix to download their movies, sometimes the total volume is up to 30%. sometimes netflix should pay more than someone who uses the internet and -- internet once a month. these companies have spent billions and billions of dollars to set up their systems and to and
. >> woodruff: we focus now on the united states' response to russian actions in ukraine. the u.n. security council held a for that, we turn to president obama's deputy national security advisor, tony blinken. he joined us from the white house earlier this evening. >> tony blinken, welcome. despite a 90-minute phone call. russian is taking control of the crimean region. is there anything that can be done to get them to pull back? >> judy, the president has been leading the effort to mobilize the international community in support of ukraine and to isolate russia for the actions its taken in ukraine and we're seeing strong condemnations from the g-7 countries, nato and the individual countries around the world and that pressure which is beginning to isolate russia's already having an impact. we've seen russian financial markets dropped 13% today, the riewgle hit an all eo time low. we in coordination with partners pulled out of preparatory meetings for the next g-8 meeting supposed to take place in sochi of all places and clearly is going to have a showing impact on the trade and commercial
of state john kerry prepares to head to ukraine in a show of support, but first, we start with this winter weather affecting millions of people in the midatlantic and the east coast three days into march. in fact, these are pictures, images, from nasa of the massive storm from space. you see it just crippling part of this country. right now, the storm is continuing to move east with heavy snow and ice, making for hazardous conditions. at least five states you see there on the side of your screen have declared a state of emergency, including new jersey, tennessee, delaware, mississippi, and virginia. here's a live look at washington, d.c., where most of federal offices are shut down, along with schools. parts of the east coast could see up to a foot of snow with d.c. and the atlantic states seeing a layer of ice and up to ten inches. more than 2,000 flights in and out of the u.s. cancelled. right now, tens of thousands of people without power in tennessee, texas, arkansas, missouri, mississippi, and kentucky, after icy weather hit yesterday. freezing rain could cause more widespread outages
. we talk about unequal wealth distribution in the united states, guys, but ukraine, when you saw those numbers robert pulled up, the net worth of the top individuals worth 48% of the economy whereas in the united states the equivalent number is only 4%. you wonder why people are protesting, right? >> that's haves and have nots. and you look at a system like that and i wonder if it isn't much more different or any different than a feudal system that may have been in place in russia or in europe in the 1500s, 1600s. robert, i guess the real question i would have here is of these oligarchs who are assigned the regions to patrol over and govern, how effective can you be doing that if you're the rich guy controlling all these other people around you? >> well, you know, the reason they're brought in is they employ so many people in those regions, they have the resources, and, look, a lot of these oligarchs, unlike russia, a lot of them in the ukraine are in government, they're in the parties, they're in the parliament, and so it's very natural for them to step in and take regional political
there in a peaceful way. >> in many signed a petition calling on the united states that act on ukraines behalf in this crisis. >> police are still looking for the gunmen cushaw and critically injured a man at a san rafeal restaurant over the weekend. the shooting happened early saturday morning at pa's mexican and filipino cuisine. police said the gunman walked through the front door, opened fire on a 31 year-old man who was sitting at a table. restaurant staff members took cover in many of the customers ran out. one staff member of the restaurant says a the victim was a regular. >> the older said that they will consider purchasing a surveillance system for the restaurant three right now, the victim remains in critical condition at more ran at the general's hospital. >> coming up on the kron4 new is. it is an all too familiar scene in southern california. some are wild fires lead to winter mud slides. we will have an update on the latest storm damage. >> while california deals with a crane, the rest of the nation is buried under snow. we will show you just how much has fallen and where. >> plu
tense situation. we will take you live to kiev. secretary of state john kerry is heading to ukraine. he will be there tomorrow. but the big question is, what can the u.s. do, if anything? investors aren't waiting for the answer. they are selling big-time. stocks plunging around the world as worst day in a month for the dow. the dow with huge triple digit declines of nearly 200 points, better than 1% decline. now, warren buffett says that if others are selling, he's buying stocks today. what is the oracle eyeing right now? he spoke with becky quick. we'll find out this hour. stocks, of course, tanking today but over the past 20 years, equities have had some of their biggest gains right now in march and april. so if you can play past the world events is there a buying opportunity? we'll find out but first let's check in with sue at the nyse. >> you might have to have a strong stomach to buy today because stocks around the world tanking on those fears about russia's moves into ukraine. the dow posting its biggest one-day drop since early february. we are down 192 points. that is off the lo
they actually have given the ukraine any kind of ultimatum. what do you make of this? if the united states says they're no longer going to send a presidential delegation to the paralympic games but the athletes will still go. is that enough of a response? >> well, you know, this is part and parcel of a response that simply has not been proportionate to the scale of the actions that the russians are taking. by all means, don't sends an official delegation to the paralympic games in sochi. i understand that. but there are many voices out there in washington, and they come from across the political spectrum now, who are saying you've just got to get much tougher. there's a whole range of options out there that stop short of putting military boots on the ground in ukraine. >> i want to get through some of those, simon. the u.s. -- you know, should they attend the g-8? should they say russia can't be a part of the g-8? should they move u.s. and nato forces into poland? should they set up anti-ballistic missiles in poland, which obama scuttled in 2009? these are just some of the options in front of h
president of the jewish federation of ukraine added his signature to elect a which stated we will continue to build friendly and fraternal relations with russia but only as a sovereign and independent states. the backlash against moss go through ukraine's to use comes as the kremlin continues to assert that the newly installed for the eu government in kiev was brougo
leaders today talking about the situation in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry is travel to that country's capital on tuesday. ukraine's prime minister is calling russia's military presence an act of war. >>> a huge winter tomorrow making its way to the northeast is already affecting passengers. i'm veronica de la cruz, let's get you back to "lockup." >>> behind the walls of hackensack's bergen county jail, tensions continue to rise in one of the female housing units. >> we only have about 45 to 50 women in the female wing right now. usually even with more women in there it's a lot quieter than it has been. this particular group just does not mix well. >> officers continue to monitor the group to figure out which inmates fuel the conflicts. >> one of them who is the loudest person in there, she was removed yesterday after an investigation where multiple people have said she was the common denominator. >> that inmate is shontera jennings. shortly after she was released from a four-hour stay in the neighboring segregation unit, she is back in for disruptive conduct. >> i do
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